Arven is proud to present gold necklaces by Palm Tree Crew. KYGO and his tropical vibe shows off in diamonds and gold from Palm Tree Crew. In a gold palm tree made by experienced and dedicated hands from Bergen, Norway.

KYGO and Arven have a lot in common, and this has formed the basis for an excellent collaboration. The most obvious is their common origin. Both KYGO and Arven were born in Bergen. Arven is a 150-year-old, venerable silverware company in Bergen which takes pride in making quality products in silver and gold. Therefore it was quite natural for KYGO to choose Arven when he was to find a manufacturer for the palm tree jewelry.

In addition to coming from the same city, KYGO and Arven also share a common value base. They both share an unwavering belief in quality. They both have a heart throbbing for heritage and roots, and they both have an ardent desire to excite their audience and their customers with creativity. When the king of the tropical house was to make a piece of jewelry, it became of course a palm tree. A gold palm tree made by experienced and dedicated hands from Bergen.

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