New collaboration with Lars Tornøe

We are very happy to be working with Lars Tornøe, one of Norway's most renowned product designers.

Lars Tornøe is a designer devoted to furniture design and related fields of product design, working with various clients across Northern Europe.

Tornøe’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions all over the world, London, Stockholm, Milan, Cologne, Berlin, Copenhagen, Seoul, New York etc. and is used as part of the official promotion of Norwegian design. Tornøe has received several awards such as the Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council, Red Dot Award and Designer of The Year by Bo Bedre Magazine.

Lars became acquainted with Arven through working for Bocuse d´Or, the world's most prestigious chef competition. He was tasked with designing the Norwegian team´s presentation centerpiece and Arven was chosen to produce the silver details.

In the wake of the competition, we wanted to continue the collaboration and create a product that is suitable for production in slightly larger numbers. The result was Pinch, a lovely pair of salt and pepper bowls that will look beautiful on your table. The small bowls have been designed so that you easily can pinch salt and pepper (or other spices) from the bowls and sprinkle over your food. The bowls are made from brass, are silver plated and weigh an impressive 510 grams. 

Lars on Pinch:

The starting point for the body is a cylinder with a generous rounding towards the table. This transition means that the side and bottom of the bowl are perceived as a continuous surface. The curves give the product a friendly shape and it makes you want to pick it up and touch it.

What I like best about this product is to hold the bowl in my hand and feel the weight of solid metal. It gives an experience of quality and robustness.

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Learn more about Lars here




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