Care of Jewellery

Take care of your jewellery by giving it a bit of extra love from time to time, and it will bring you years of pleasure.
Here are some tips for the very best ways to look after your jewellery.



Jewellery in yellow gold is durable and easy to keep looking lovely. Scratches don’t show easily and over time provide the gold with a lovely patina. You can wash and rinse your yellow gold jewellery yourself. Wash pieces in warm soapy water with a drop of ammonia or use a special solution which you can buy from your jeweller. Use a soft toothbrush to get into all the tiny spaces. Rinse with clean water and dry well, preferably with a hairdryer.

If your jewellery is very dirty or marred, it’s a good idea to visit a goldsmith, who can clean the jewellery using ultrasound and polish it as needed.

Exposed places on your jewellery will show wear over time. Links in necklaces and bracelets as well as rings are especially vulnerable. Check, too, that earring posts are tight. You can easily tighten these yourself using a small pliers or let a goldsmith help you.

Jewellery of gold with stones - genuine or synthetic - should be treated in the same manner as gold.

White gold is yellow gold blended with the white metal palladium. White gold is rather yellow in colour and for a brilliant shine, jewellery is plated with rhodium. Over time this plating wears off such that white gold will appear yellowish or grey. Your jewellery needs a ‘refresher’! Take it to your jeweller for rhodium plating and it will shine again like new.


Jewellery in gold with stones—real or synthetic—should be treated in the same manner as gold. Be aware, however, that porous stones, such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, opal, coral, and amber do not tolerate soap or ammonia. Instead, wipe them with a clean, soft cloth. Note, too, that certain stones and pearls are glued fast and can loosen in water that is too hot.


Diamonds are among the hardest minerals found. It is practically impossible to scratch a diamond. Creams and soaps, however, will form a coating that make the diamond appear dull. You can avoid this by taking your diamond jewellery off when you shower or wash your hands. Also avoid wearing your diamond jewellery when using strong chemicals. Store pieces so that they don’t rub against each other. In this way, you avoid marks and wear in the gold around the diamond. It is important that Arven or another jeweller have a look at your diamond jewellery regularly. We will make certain that prongs are intact and that the diamond sits as it should. Diamonds can fall out if the setting is worn. Diamond jewellery can be washed in the same manner as gold jewellery.


Pearls are an organic material and should be used often to keep them looking lovely. They absorb humidity from the skin and can dry out if stored improperly. Pearls should be kept in a dark place, separate from other jewellery, and preferably packed in silk, not cotton.

Wipe pearls after use with a soft, damp, clean cloth. This will keep cosmetics from damaging the pearls. If pearls are especially dirty, ask your goldsmith about a special solution designed for cleaning pearls gently. Do NOT use any other chemical products on your pearls.

Take off your pearl necklace at night when both the cord and the pearls could quickly become worn and dirty. If you use your pearl necklace regularly, have your jeweller examine the necklace once a year and restore it as needed. The necklace should also be cleaned occasionally.


Sterling silver jewellery that has become dull and dark can be cleaned in the same manner as gold. Untreated sterling will darken superficially over time as a result of reaction with dust in the air and other oxidisers. For these pieces, washing won’t be enough so you’ll need a suitable polish. There are any number of different polishes and all are easy to use. Take care not to use a strong rinsing agent on jewellery that has oxidised (dark) elements. Ask us or your local jeweller for advice.

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