19 cutlery patterns. One book.

Rose, Lilje, Pariser, and Dobbel Rococo are just some of our well-known and well-loved patterns, all of which are a part of Norway’s cultural and design history. Now you can see our sterling cutlery patterns gathered in a beautiful and inspiring book.

Collecting sterling silverware is a Norwegian tradition. Many of us collect one or several patterns which have perhaps been passed down through many generations. No one else has exactly your mix of inherited and new sterling. Let our new silverware book inspire you to use your sterling often. It will give you an overview of all of our patterns and the pieces available in each pattern.

Send an e-mail to us to order your sterling silverware pattern book.

Follow this link to see a digital version of our sterling silverware brochure.


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19 cutlery patterns. One book
19 cutlery patterns. One book Read more
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